Police Arrest Reckless Driver In Viral Video Of Toddler Flung Out Of Car

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Police Arrest Reckless Driver In Viral Video Of Toddler Flung Out Of Car

A narrow escape.

The police have arrested one of the drivers involved in an accident on the North-South Expressway near Rembau yesterday resulting in a child getting flung out of a car and landing on the highway. 

The viral video which was shared on social media earlier this week showed the two-year-old landing on the road after the car he was in was hit by a reckless driver.

The video was recorded on a dashcam of another passing vehicle. 

In the dashcam footage, you can see a white MyVi and a Honda Jazz racing on the road. 

Moments later, a child is suddenly seen lying on the fast lane of the highway!

It was later learned that the child was flung out of a Hinda Civic which was hit by one of the two speeding cars.

No major injuries

Miraculously, the child was not seriously injured from the fall and other drivers were also quick to block the area where the toddler landed.

Two people were later seen running to the child and carrying him away. 

According to Harian Metro, the driver of the blue Honda Jazz made a police report regarding the incident, and the driver of the white MyVi was arrested to assist with investigations. 

The child's mother T Citra said that her son was sleeping in her arms when a car hit their vehicle from the side, causing the window on the passenger side to shatter.

She said that she was shocked when the child she was holding in her arms suddenly 'disappeared' when the incident occurred.

"As soon as our car stopped, I rushed out to see my son in the middle of the road, bleeding," she was reportedly said. 

Safety first, say netizens

Although the child was not severely injured, netizens were quick to point out the necessity of using child car seats when travelling. 

Despite the government passing laws making car seats for children mandatory, many have not installed the seats yet. 

Facebook user Vimalah Mohanraj commented: Now you know the importance of a car seat! Also, child lock is a must!

Twitter user Natasha Gideon also shared a similar sentiment, encouraging people to buckle up.


We're glad that the little boy is safe but let this be a reminder to all of us to use car seats, child locks and drive safely. 

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