S'porean Shoppers Go On Panic Buying Frenzy, Only To Abandon Goods When Queue Gets Too Long

OMG, behave!

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S'porean Shoppers Go On Panic Buying Frenzy, Only To Abandon Goods When Queue Gets Too Long
Facebook/Tan Chuan-Jin & Facebook/Willy Tan

Finish the job, Singaporeans!

Recently, Singapore classified the current coronavirus outbreak in their country to a Code Orange because of "heightened risk".

Under the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON), Code Orange means the outbreak is deemed to have moderate to high public health impact.

That, of course, caused chaos among the Singaporean public, who proptly went on a panic buying frenzy in case, you know, they run out of food or something.

What a shame

According to Mothership, the panic buying frenzy got so bad, food and toiletries were emptied out of the shelves.

Naturally, one can expect the queues at the cashiers to be insanely long.

But what happens when the wait became too much for some people? Well, they abandon their shopping baskets on the ground, all over the supermarket:

Abandon mission!
Apparently, this was not an isolated incident, as Singaporeans also shared images of abandoned grocery carts at other supermarket/grocery store:

To make matters worse, some of the items left in the baskets or carts were frozen food and perishables, which means that without proper refrigeration, they will go bad:

What a waste.

Netizens call out selfish shoppers

When images of the abandon shopping carts and baskets made their way online, Singaporean netizens were quick to condemn the inconsiderate shoppers:


So guys, please do not go on a panic buying spree and then abandon your items because the queue is too long, OK?

Not only will it take the workers a lot of time to put the items back in their original spots, your fellow shoppers will have a tough time looking for an item because it's all over the place.

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