Yeay, No More Touch n’ Go Surcharge Fees When You Pay For Parking!


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Yeay, No More Touch n’ Go Surcharge Fees When You Pay For Parking!
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Now we've got to make sure we have sufficient balance.

Touch n’ Go has landed in hot water lately after Malaysians expressed their disappointment over the e-wallet system as well as the abolishment of reload lanes at toll booths.

But it seems that users can rejoice for a little because there’s one less thing to worry about when using Touch n’ Go.

According to The Star, Touch n’ Go will soon terminate the 10 per cent surcharge at parking facilities with dual payment system.

Deputy Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Chong Chieng Jen shared the news during the Parliament session on Wednesday.

On our way to cashless society!
“Touch n' Go card has taken the initiative that in all its future contractors or renewal of contractors, there will not be the surcharge rate based on the merchant discount rate,” Chong said.

"For existing contracts, the surcharge rate will end in stages.”

The current 10 per cent surcharge was imposed due to a contractual obligation between Touch n' Go and carpark operators with dual parking systems.

For parking facilities using only the Touch n’ Go system, there will be no surcharge.

The surcharge issue should've been resolved a long time ago.
Phew, finally this long-overdue, unnecessary surcharge will be axed. Touch n’ Go payments should be convenient to users, not burden us, right?

Besides, the 10 per cent surcharge, the deputy minister also addressed the RM0.50 top-up surcharge issue.

“There are 2,880 locations out of 11,168 nationwide that do not impose the top-up surcharge.”

Well in all honesty, it should be the other way around. No wonder it’s hard to find a place that you can top-up without surcharge.

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