Hardworking Local Delivery Man Gets A Car From Good Samaritan

We feel the good vibes!

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Hardworking Local Delivery Man Gets A Car From Good Samaritan
Facebook/Aiman Manan

Such a good gesture.

Malaysians have always been a helpful lot, and our humanity shines when giving a hand to the needy, regardless of race or religion.

Recently, the story of a hardworking young man who does multiple delivery jobs, including working as a rider for Grab Food to support his family, went viral on social media.

Facebook user Aiman Manan, who met delivery man Ganesh Murthi when he first tried Grab Food, wrote that he was taken aback by how well-mannered and courteous the lad was.

Impressed by the way Ganesh conducted himself, Aiman offered him a job as a delivery rider around the Klang Valley area for his healthcare and supplements company Natura.

Aiman had said that he didn’t regret taking in Ganesh as he is always on time and never once late.

The heartwarming story, which was published by several media houses, has even prompted a good Samatarian to buy Ganesh a car.

Last Wednesday, Aiman shared on Facebook that he had been contacted by a friend last week whose former employer had wanted to help Ganesh.

Aiman said the friend known as Benny James had wanted to set up a face-to-face meeting with Ganesh.

“We had early brunch, got to know each other when Benny finally brought us down to the car park."

As it turns out, Benny wanted to present Ganesh with a car for a very simple reason: to help him grow further in life, and for him to do better with his delivery business.

Aiman said that Ganesh was “speechless, happy and overjoyed all at once.”

We told you, Malaysians have such good hearts! Bless Benny and Aiman for believeng in a fellow hardworking Malaysian.

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