Meet The Malaysian Who Spent Thousands Of Ringgit Collecting Sabah Football Jerseys

And counting!

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Meet The Malaysian Who Spent Thousands Of Ringgit Collecting Sabah Football Jerseys

Probably Sabah football club's biggest fan.

If football has an ardent fan, his name must surely be Isnain Rabaha.
The teacher from SK Lahad Datu 2 is such a fanatic football fan - especially for his home state team, Sabah - that he has collected more than 100 Sabah team football jerseys...and he's still nowhere being done yet!
In fact, Bernama reported that Isnain's jersey collection includes original team jerseys from as far back as 1979.
The man and his collection.
The 39-year-old has reportedly spent thousands of ringgit purchasing the jerseys online, at sports shops or from individuals.

“This hobby of collecting jerseys gives me a sense of satisfaction. For the latest Sabah jerseys, I will get all three kits (red, blue and white). I will buy them early online. I will not wait for a discount because I am afraid that the size I want will be sold out.

“Apart from Sabah, I also collect jerseys of the Malaysian team. As for other states, I wait for a good discount before buying them. I consider it a bonus if I manage to get them,” he said.

How does he wash them though?
Among his jersey collection lies one jersey that he cherishes the most: a Sabah jersey that was autographed by former Sabah player Matlan Marjan, when Isnain met the player in 2017.

Isnain revealed that his passion for collecting jerseys may look easy but it has its own set of challenges.

For one, older jerseys are difficult to come by and the ones available are either too expensive or not in pristine condition.

Isnain showing off his most treasured jerseys.
“The older jerseys are of high value; I received an offer for an old jersey for RM700, but I declined to sell it.

“To preserve the quality of the jerseys, I keep each one in a small box without folding them so that they are not attacked by termites, besides ensuring the colour of the shirt does not fade,” he said.

And then there’s also the challenge of dealing with scammers as once, he paid money only to have the seller disappear without a trace.

Nevertheless, we hope that his drive and enthusiasm for collecting jerseys will never fade.

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