A Man Just Paid RM4mil For A Parking Spot In Hong Kong


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A Man Just Paid RM4mil For A Parking Spot In Hong Kong
We all know people who grumbles when asked to pay RM1 for a parking spot.

Imagine if they have to pay millions for a parking lot, right? They might have a heart attack.

But what if we told you that a man in Hong Kong actually forked out that amount of cash to purchase a parking spot?

The South China Morning Post reported that an unnamed gentleman paid US$969,000 (RM4,055,265) for a parking spot located in the heart of Hong Kong.

The parking bay, located at The Center in Hong Kong, is now considered as the most expensive spot on earth to park a vehicle.

According to the news portal, one of the investors of the 73-storey Hong Kong office tower, Johnny Cheung Shun-yee, owned four car parks in the building but he had sold the last of his four car parks to someone who owns an office in the same building.

It's not cheap to work here.
The report said that the price paid for the parking spot is more than three times Hong Kong’s median home price.

The parking spot, identified as bay B1-1023, is reportedly situated on the top floor of The Center's executive-only, three-level basement, and it apparently sits against a wall with an alcove, to make it easier for the owner to access his vehicle.

We may not know who bought the parking spot, but we definitely know that the person is filthy rich!

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