These Airlines Are No Longer Flying To And From Qatar

Emirates and Etihad Airways are among those who have cancelled all Qatar flights.

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These Airlines Are No Longer Flying To And From Qatar
On Monday, the whole world was shocked when news broke that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are officially cutting all ties with Qatar. Other countries that followed suit shortly after the announcement were Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, and Maldives.

The bold move is said to be due to Qatar’s alleged support for terrorists groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda, according to a news report by Financial Times.

Qatar has denied the allegations and called the decision “unjustified” with “no basis in fact”.

The Qatar skyscrapers.
All land, air, and sea access to Qatar has reportedly been shut down as of Monday.

The drastic decision has caused mass confusion and chaos among Qataris, especially those who are residing in other Middle Eastern countries.

Egypt and the UAE have reportedly issued a notice to the Qatari ambassadors to leave in two days while the Qatar government has asked citizens to leave the UAE within 14 days.

Since the Qatar airspace has been closed, this decision has not only affected its citizens but also tourists or travellers who have bought tickets via several Middle Eastern airlines to and from Qatar.

The list of airlines that have suspended all flights involving Qatar so far are – Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia Airlines), Air Arabia, Emirates, Etihad Airways, and FlyDubai. These airlines have issued a statement regarding their decision.
The airlines offered all affected passengers a full refund or the option to fly to other destinations.

Qatar Airways has responded to this issue by suspending all flights to Saudi Arabia according to a statement on their website.

So Malaysians, if you have purchased a ticket from one of the airlines mentioned above, you might want to check with them on how you can resolve your ticketing issue.

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