19 Y/O M’sian Boy Arrested For Impersonating Cop, Was Very Obsessed To Become One

He’s got the outfit, the ID, and even fake weapons.

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19 Y/O M’sian Boy Arrested For Impersonating Cop, Was Very Obsessed To Become One
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Hope he gets a second chance in life and eventually becomes a real policeman...

Some people have a clear idea of what they’d like to be when they grow up or have a clear career path set in mind.

Reaching your ambitions may take some time, years for some, but for one Malaysian boy, his ambition became an obsession that eventually led to his downfall.

Impersonating a police officer 

According to Harian Metro, a 19-year-old boy was recently arrested in Johor for impersonating a police officer with an inspector rank.

Batu Pahat Deputy Chief Police Superintendent Muhammad Izzudin Runggai told the Malay daily that the boy approached two police officers at 2.45am when the officers were overseeing a road operation.

Dream's over?
Dressed in full police uniform attire, he then introduced himself as Inspector Ramdan from the Crime Intelligence Operation Branch from the Johor Police Contingent HQ (IPK). He was there doing some intel operation about illegal racing in Parit Raja.

The policemen were suspicious of Ramdan and reportedly asked him to produce his police ID which turned out to be fake.

They later found several police items on him and arrested him for impersonating a civil servant.

Upon further checks, they found that he’s currently a student at a local vocational college and has a huge obsession with the police force.

Wonder where he bought his fake police ID... hmm.
“The suspect admitted that he bought his police attire and supplies online. It was also his first time wearing the police uniform,” Superintendent Muhammad Izzudin added.

Among the items confiscated from the suspect were three fake police IDs with inspector ranking, a passport photo of him in police uniform, a hat with the PDRM logo, a torch light, a handcuff, three knives with the eagle logo, a Boale & Toyavn plastic toy gun, and a bulletproof vest with the PDRM logo.

'Catch Me If You Can' Malaysian version.
Netizens then discovered the boy’s Instagram account which he had used to upload a number of photos of him in police uniform and captions that indicated that he was one.

Well, at least now he’ll learn all the official police SOPs and know what a holding room or cell looks like… the hard way.

So, remember boys and girls, you can be anyone you wish to be but make sure you do it the right way!

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