This 14-Year-Old Invented A Feature That Helps Remove Blind Spots From Vehicles

Get ready to be mind-blown!

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This 14-Year-Old Invented A Feature That Helps Remove Blind Spots From Vehicles

Clever lah you, girl!

One of the nightmares that drivers have to face on a daily basis is the ever-cunning blind spots.

Blind spots are hazardous not only to the drivers, but other road users as well as we are not aware of what may or may not be nearby our vehicles. That can lead to road accidents or even worse, fatal deaths.

A lot of you may have tried various methods to help tackle blind spots, but one teenager (who isn’t even qualified to have a driving license yet, mind you) may have just solved the problem in the most innovative way.

Meet Alaina Gassler, the genius behind an invention that may save hundreds of lives on the road.

Imagine what she's able to invent in another 10 years.
According to Hypebeast, the 14-year-old recently submitted her invention to the Broadcom MASTERS (Math, Applied Science, Technology, and Engineering for Rising Stars) and was awarded USD25,000 (RM103,845) for winning the Samueli Foundation Prize.

This is how Gassler's technology works: by using webcams, projectors, and custom 3D-printed parts placed on a car’s windshield pillars, drivers are able to get instant views of the outside; like a see-through pillar, if you will.

This eliminates blind spots immediately and gives drivers a live-feed of the vehicle’s surroundings.

Here's a video of the tech in action:

Gassler’s invention isn’t quite ready to be installed on vehicles yet, but the technologies used already exist, so who knows, it’s only a matter of time until the automotive industry includes this feature in their vehicles.

What a smart cookie, eh?

What did you invent when you were 14? When we were 14, the only thing we invented was the art of copying your classmate’s homework as your teacher is walking into class.

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