You Can No Longer Use The Eggplant, Peach Or Drip Emojis On FB, Instagram

Behave yourself, guys!

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You Can No Longer Use The Eggplant, Peach Or Drip Emojis On FB, Instagram
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Don't use these emojis anymore.

Do you often use the eggplant, peach and water drips emojis on social media because, you know, you're naughty like that?

Well, if you do, then we have some bad news for you.

Social media sites Facebook and Instagram will reportedly be trimming down the use of sexually suggestive emojis, such as the eggplant (penis), peach (bum) and water drips (ejaculation).

However, the emojis will still be allowed in captions, but they can no longer be used in a manner that suggests anything sexual.
FOX News reported that the move came after American rapper Kanye West accused the social media platforms of fuelling sex addiction and distressing married men, “making them suffer like Jesus.”

“I suffer — and I appreciate the suffering because we can just feel a little bit of what Jesus felt when we suffer, but social media makes me suffer.

“I suffer from that and by me saying this out loud, I'm sure there's other married men that suffer in a similar way that are happy to hear me say, 'Oh ya, I'm suffering,” he said in an interview on Beats1 on Apple Music.

The report, quoting the New York Post, said that the new rules are part of the social platforms’ new Community Standards.

Under the new terms, pairing an eggplant or peach emoji with any sexual expressions now qualifies as “sexual solicitation” and if a user uses the emojis in a sexual manner, Facebook or Instagram can remove the post.

Repeated offenders will have their accounts deactivated.

Using the banned emojis to cover genitalia in pictures that are shared on the platforms are also not allowed.

So guys, you gotta be creative if you want to slide into people's DMs from now on.

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