Staunch Vegetarian Becomes A Butcher After Eating Just One Burger

Boy, that was a quick U-turn.

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Staunch Vegetarian Becomes A Butcher After Eating Just One Burger
Facebook/Tammi Jones

Now, that's a massive U-turn.

Who doesn’t love the taste of a juicy meat burger, right? Everyone does.

In fact, we even dare say that some vegetarians enjoy them too.

Case in point: meet a former staunch vegetarian who had a taste of burger after decades of being a vegetarian and she never looked back since!

According to Unilad, 49-year-old Tammi Jonas, who first turned vegetarian in the seventies after reading a book that detailed the ill treatment of animals on farms, was forced to eat meat when she became ‘dangerously aneamic’ when she was pregnant with her third child.

“I went back to red meat, so beef and lamb, once a week throughout the pregnancy, and it was some years longer before I had any pork or poultry.

"I never thought it was immoral to take an animal’s life for food – I’ve always been comfortable with my place in the food chain, but I thought it was immoral to treat [animals] cruelly, to not allow them to go outside and breathe fresh air and to be confined in crowds in sheds,” she was quoted by the portal as saying.

Tammi taking it to the next level.
If you think that’s a sort of a ‘victory’ for meat lovers, don’t be shocked to learn that Jonas actually took her newfound love for meat to the next level.

She actually became a butcher and now runs a small farming business called Jonai Farms and Meatsmiths with her husband Stuart.

“My journey from mindless industrial eater to vegetarian to ethical omnivore led me all the way to become a pig farmer to contribute to the growing movement to get pigs and poultry back out of sheds and onto paddocks.

"We now grow, butcher and cure all of our meat, and serve 80 households from our thriving community-supported agriculture (CSA) farm,” read the explanation on her business website.

However, her farm uses ethical and holistic practices.

How's that for a sudden change of mind?

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