Get To Know The Table Cat Behind The Hilarious ‘SASA LELE’ Meme And Many More

Most meme-able cat in internet history after the grumpy cat.

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Get To Know The Table Cat Behind The Hilarious ‘SASA LELE’ Meme And Many More
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How would you read it?

Over the past few weeks, a certain meme has taken the internet by storm.

The meme, featuring a lady who appeared to be crying and angry at the same time coupled with a somewhat angry white cat sitting at a table, has made its rounds on social media thanks to its versatility.

So, who is actually the person and the cat in the meme?

The blond lady is actually Taylor Armstrong, who was throwing a tantrum on an episode of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ and the white furry fella who stole the spotlight is actually Smudge the Cat, who has an Instagram account @smudge_lord with close to 850,000 followers to date.

Smudge even has his own merch line!
The Canadian-based cat apparently loves chicken, hates vegetables and is a chunky cat who’s also a picky eater.

The six-year-old cat lives with two other cat siblings and a dog whom it affectionately calls “this gross thing”. No guessing on how much Smudge loves the dog.

According to its owner, Miranda Stillabower, the photo was taken spontaneously when Smudge decided to join them for dinner.

“Smudge has his own seat at the dinner table. If he doesn't get a chair he will hop onto someone else's before they sit down, or he will meow at everyone throughout dinner,” she told Vice.

“In the photo he was sitting in someone’s seat which is why he had salad in front of him. I guess he really didn't like what he saw!”

Sassy Smudge the Cat.
This is why hiring a designer is important...
Smudge’s photo first appeared on Tumblr in 2018, which helped sealed his internet celebrity status.

Which table cat meme do you love the most?

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