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5 Better Yee Sangs to 'Lou' This Chinese New Year

Yee Sang you can actually give a toss about!

5 Better Yee Sangs to 'Lou' This Chinese New Year
Image: Chopstick Diner

Yee sang or yusheng or lo hei is never considered something you look forward to eating. You look forward to the group tossing session and you nibble on the crispy bits once it's done. Most of it is thrown away, but not before the fish mongers in your group eats every pathetic slice of raw salmon that turned this RM5 dish into a RM48 delicacy. Well, the time for throwaway yee sang is at hand with the new-age of discerning foodies turning this novelty nuisance into a delicious delight. 

#1 Pretty on Plate x The Bowls 

The savoury and sweet options respectively. (Image:
We wonder if they meant 'pretty onz plate' or 'pretty, on plate', or 'pretty on a plate' – sorry for the digression – look, how pretty! You may order these pretty creations straight from The Bowls and all orders require two days to process. In-store pick up is located at The Bowls Setapak, 46G, Plaza Usahawan Genting Klang. Here's a picture that describes the ingredients of the yee sang so we don't have to. Just swap out the salmon for the delicous sounding 'Japanese Fusion Chashu'. 

Image: Facebook @PrettyOnPlate

#2 Root Cellar KL

Image: Facebook @rootcellarkl
Bet you didn't expect to see edible flowers in your yee sang, but this is the world we live in now. Prepared by Root Cellar KL and distributed by Dish by Ili, you have to email to order. It comes in two variants: salmon and duck that go for RM128 and RM168 respectively. 

#3 Chopstick Diner 

Image: Facebook @chopstickdiner
What you are looking at, according to their website, is: carrots, cos lettuce, mangoes and red capsicum, slices of smoked salmon, thinly sliced pieces of kaffir lime leaves, sesame seeds and quail’s egg. Wanton Skin adds a little crunch and it is topped off with plum sauce. This portion feeds six people (more or less) and costs RM68. You can order it from Chopstick Diner directly. Be sure to order at least a day in advance and check for delivery costs. 

#4 The Good Co. 

Image: Facebook @thegoodcobangsar
The Good Co. in Jalan Maarof Bangsar offers healthy foods presented beautifully to their discerning customers. They offer smoothies, artisanal sandwiches, soups, and various other healthy treats. There are two sizes to the yee sang: regular and large, and cost RM68 and RM88 respectively. Also yes, those are corn flakes sprinkled on top of your yee sang. You can order the Healthy Yee Sang from The Good Co. online. Here's a picture that explains what goes into this healthy meal. 
Image: Facebook @thegoodcobangsar

#5 La Juiceria 

Made by La Juiceria and distributed by Goodness Greens Cafe, the plate of yee sang comes in two sizes: small and large, and costs RM38 and RM68. Deliveries are available and you can also purchase the pack in store at Goodness Greens Cafe. The ingredients according to their website are: sengkuang, smoked salmon, carrot, chuka wakame, pomelo, mandarin orange, Japanese cucumber, grape, tortilla chips, chopped peanuts, white sesame seeds, dried apricot, golden raisin, red cabbage, beetroot, cashew nuts, alfalfa sprout and homemade plum sauce. Order the pack here.