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A Group Of M'sian Riders Ride Through Five Countries To Raise Funds For Children With Cancer

Good job guys!

A Group Of M'sian Riders Ride Through Five Countries To Raise Funds For Children With Cancer
There are many ways to raise funds for a cause you're passionate about: some start a donation drive and some donate as much as they can.

But for one group of Sikh motorcycle riders, they were willing to go the extra mile to raise funds for children with cancer.

Quite literally.

Fun and challenging journey

A group of determined motorcycles riders from the Santana Bikerz Malaysia Club took park in a five-nation expedition for a good cause.

The group managed to complete the expedition in just 46 days.

Via the expedition, the 23 Malaysian Sikh riders also managed to raise a total of RM31,408 in aid for children with cancer under the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM).

A journey of a lifetime for these bikers.

According to a report by Malay Mail, only five of them started the expedition riding across Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, India and Pakistan. The rest reportedly joined the convoy on rented bikes during their ride across India.

Club assistant secretary Tejuir Singh Chelli, who was among the five to ride from Malaysia to Pakistan and back, told the news portal that the journey was a fun but challenging ride for everyone as some paths ran through bad roads and some even had no roads.

Furthermore, he revaled that some of the paths they went through were prone to landslides and some of them were construction areas, making ot more difficult for them to navigate through, especially after a rainfall.

Putting a smile on their faces.
Despite that, the riders managed to pull through and raise the funds for the children.

Besides raising funds for the children, the ride also included visiting five Sikh Takhts (throne of authority in Sikhism) across India and Pakistan in conjunction with the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Devji, the founder of Sikhism.

Bravo, you guys! Thanks for helping out the kids in need.