‘Ant-Man 3’ Finally Confirmed After Being Absent From The MCU Phase Four Lineup

Paul Rudd is expected to return as Scott Lang.

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‘Ant-Man 3’ Finally Confirmed After Being Absent From The MCU Phase Four Lineup
Marvel Studios

We're more interested to see Michael Pena, to be honest.

Back in July, Marvel Studios’ big boss Kevin Feige announced Marvel’s plan for the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) following the end of the ‘Avengers’ saga.

There were plenty of new faces and titles; some old familiar ones, and a few that were missing altogether (read: ‘Ant-Man’).

Well, if you’ve been ant-icipating the third instalment of ‘Ant-Man’ in the MCU, wait no more because the film is finally happening.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, director Peyton Reed, who directed ‘Ant-Man’ and ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’, will return to the director’s chair for ‘Ant-Man 3’.

Maybe they're married in 'Ant-Man 3'?
Paul Rudd is also expected to reprise his role as Scott Lang a.k.a Ant-Man.

No news yet on what the plot will be, or who else will star in it, but we do know that Michael Douglas (who plays Hank Pym) will be in it, according to his interview with Collider.

Douglas also shared some other exciting news; ‘Ant-Man 3’ is slated to begin filming in January 2021 and premiere some time in 2022.

Sounds like a long way to go, ‘Ant-Man’ fans.

Paul Rudd learning he's still in the MCU
Due to the timeline, there’s a big possibility that the third chapter of ‘Ant-Man’ will be in the fifth phase of the MCU, which will include ‘Black Panther 2’, ‘Captain Marvel 2’, and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’.

Guess we’ll wait for a few more years until we get to see the OG MCU characters on the silver screens again.

Now, let’s make way for some fresh new faces.

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