This Local Feature Film Has Been Selected To Compete In Two International Film Festivals

'Guang' was originally a short film released in 2011.

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This Local Feature Film Has Been Selected To Compete In Two International Film Festivals
Image: Quek Shio Chuan / Instagram
Local filmmaker Quek Shio Chuan's first feature film is already making its way to two international film festivals.

Guang, directed by Quek, has been shortlisted for the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) and the Asia Fukuoka Internatinonal Film Festival 2018.

The film has been nominated for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress at the SIFF's Asian New Talent Awards.

As for the Asia Fukuoko International Film Festival 2018, Guang will be competing for the Fukuoka Audience Award.

What a feat! This is indeed a milestone for the 32-year-old director because Guang started out as a short film in 2011 with the same title.

The original film has also travelled to various international festivals, including the 7th Leids Film Festival in the Netherlands and 6th Festival Alto Vicentino in Italy.

The film tells a very personal story based on Quek's own real-life experiences of having an autistic brother.

Kyo Chen, who plays the main character, portrays a young man struggling with autism. As he navigates through life's challenges facing society's discrimination against his condition, he discovers his hidden talent in music.

"It’s been a very long journey and sometimes making this film almost felt impossible," Quek said in a press statement, as quoted by The Star.

"I’m very humbled and honoured to be recognised for all our hard work on the film."

Guang is tentatively scheduled for a nationwide release in Malaysia. In the meantime, here's a look at the original short film.

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