The Highest Grossing Anime Film Of All-Time Is Getting A Hollywood Live Action Remake By J.J. Abrams

Do you think the 'Star Wars: Episode IX' director will do it justice?

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The Highest Grossing Anime Film Of All-Time Is Getting A Hollywood Live Action Remake By J.J. Abrams
Image: Funimation Films
Your Name is the highest-grossing anime feature of all time and it is getting a Hollywood live action remake by J.J. Abrams.
He is going to be a very busy man in the coming years.
Paramount Pictures and Abrams’ production company Bad Robot will be producing the adaptation in attempt to bring the story to a larger audience.
Released in 2016, Your Name follows the story of a boy and a girl who live in different parts of Japan and mysteriously swapped bodies.

'Your Name' isn't your typical 'Freaky Friday' or 'The Hot Chick' body-swap storyline.
They find themselves travelling through space and time on quest to find each other but ended up trying to save a town from disaster instead.
The original film received huge success and even received a 98 per cent rating on popular movie review website Rotten Tomatoes, making it the biggest movie in Japan so far.
Will J.J. Abrams be able to recreate the stunning visuals and picturesque scenes from the anime?
Now, it looks like Abrams will be very busy for the next few years as he has reportedly already gathered a team to start work right away.
Apart from working with Lucasfilm on Star Wars: Episode IX and HBO’s Westworld, Abrams will be recreating Your Name with his regular collaborator Lindsey Weber and Genki Kawamura, the original producer of the anime.
He will also be teaming up with screenwriter Eric Heisserer who wrote Arrival and Toho, the company that produced the sci-fi love story in Japan.

Genki is very excited to work with “these incredible creators in bringing to audiences the Hollywood live-action version of Your Name” and said in a statement that “it feels like a dream”, just like the movie.
The fans, on the other hand, are not very enthusiastic about this news given the criticisms of recent anime adaptions, such as Ghost in the Shell.
Others wanted to make sure that it doesn't turn into another case of "white-washing" by Hollywood, you know, like how they cast Scarlett Johansson for a Japanese character in Ghost in the Shell, among others.
So what do you think? Will J.J. Abrams be able to do Your Name justice?

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