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This State Wants To Ban Straws And Other Plastic Items For Good

They want to follow the footsteps of a popular fast food chain.

This State Wants To Ban Straws And Other Plastic Items For Good
Recently, top fast-food chain KFC has announced that they will no longer be providing plastic straws and plastic lids for all of its outlets in Singapore in an effort to go green.

The move was well-received by environment-conscious supporters and it seems that such policy may soon be implemented in our shores as well.

The Penang government is currently looking at the possibility of banning plastic straws and single-use plastics, such as plastic lids and cups as reported by The Star.

Have you already jumped on the no-straw bandwagon?
Penang Island City Council Mayor Yew Tung Seang proposed that the state implemented the ban which also received the green light from Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow.

“If there is a need, whatever the proposal is, just do it as we are doing it for the benefit of Penang and the Mother Earth,” Chow told The Star.

The city council is currently studying different ways and approaches in a bid to help conserve the environment.

So if Penang bans it, technically all the Starbucks on the island won't be giving out straws as well lah?
It is only a matter of time until this new policy will be implemented as the mayor said that they will "not be taking too much time before a decision is made.”

Well, what do you think of this go green initiative? We think it’s about time that we board the no-straw train but first, the government needs to educate the public on the harmful effects of plastic straws and how we can curb it by introducing metal straws instead.