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Use This Website To Check If Your Data Has Been Leaked

Who knows, you might be a victim of a data leak.

Use This Website To Check If Your Data Has Been Leaked
A few weeks ago, revealed that 46.2 million mobile phone numbers from various Malaysian telcos have been leaked online. The news shocked the nation as it was said to be the country’s biggest digital heist in history. You can read the full story here.

Many concerned Malaysians are fearing that they might soon fall victim to scams, or someone would illegally use their personal information for malicious or illegal activities. Which is why Keith Rozario, a tech blogger and security expert, set up a website that allows Malaysians to check whether their data has been leaked or not.

You can visit and enter your I/C number to see if your name is in the leaked database.

You can try your luck and see whether the website is still accessible or not.
We know, some of you might be very skeptical to enter your I/C number on some dodgy website, but Keith has written an article in his website that'll answer all your burning questions and doubts.

Is it safe to use this website?

According to his post, your I/C number will not be captured in a log as he has switched of logging for his API Gateway, CloudFront & Lambda (tech geeks might understand these terms, so please helps us out).

What kind of info will pop up after keying in my I/C number?

Well, if you are affected, chances are your I/C numbers, addresses, IMSI, IMEI, SIM numbers, mobile numbers, billing address and full name will be listed. But don’t worry it won’t be a detailed account of your personal data, but just a list of the information that may have been compromised.

Oh, he has also masked your details so only the first four and last two digits of the phone number are available. Your other data will NOT be published.

Oh no! My data has been breached. What should I do now?

Well, the data is from 2014, so there’s a chance that you may not be using the same number but if you still are, there’s unfortunately not much you can do. It’s not like you can change your I/C number and move out to a different address in a jiffy, right? ):

The search results also raised a few red flags after some users found out that some unkown mobile phone number(s) have been registered under their names (including one of our colleagues'). The data might also be from your old phone number before you switched to the current one. But as a safety measure, contact the telco company and verify with them if there is anyone currently using that line with your details.

If there is, you might then need to consult them for further action.

Aiyaa, sei la who else is using my name for this line?!

Has the website been blocked?

However, according to a recent article posted by on Thursday, the website has reportedlybeen blocked by MCMC.

The tech website and forum contacted Keith for some clarification and it appears that he “isn’t aware of the block and that MCMC has not contacted him to inform him of the reason why a block has been placed on the site.”

Weirdly though, some people can still access the site (including us). So you might want to try your luck and see if it still works for you.

So guys, following this recent data breach, we’d like to advise all our readers and friends to always be cautious and wary of any weird messages or calls from unknown numbers or strangers. Do not entertain them as they might be scammers. Never give up your personal information easily and it’s always good to ask a lot of questions to verify if the person contacting you is from a legit establishment or not.