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Songstress Yuna’s Ethereal Voice Is Now On Grey’s Anatomy

The Malaysian artiste is truly going places and is now taking over the US one TV show at a time.

Songstress Yuna’s Ethereal Voice Is Now On Grey’s Anatomy
Image: Katherine Levin Sheehan
Yuna is no stranger in our local music scene, but she's spreading her wings and is currently making her mark internationally especially in the US. Ever since the songbird moved to the States a few years back, her music career has blossomed beautifully and landed her several opportunities that any Malaysian artiste can only dream of. From appearing on popular international publications such as Vogue to hanging out with the likes of music producer and singer Pharrell Williams, as well featuring R&B superstar Usher on one of her tracks, she proves that if you truly believe in something and work hard for it, your wildest dream may eventually come true.

It seems that another dream of hers has just come true when her song All I Do appeared on the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 13. The episode was aired on September 22nd in the US via ABC.

The last track from her latest album, Chapters, was played during a scene in which Dr. Meredith Grey made a confession on the identity of the real culprit who had hit Andrew DeLuca, one of the characters in the show. The song was created and produced by Yuna and award-winning composer, David Foster.

Malaysian fans are extremely happy and proud of Yuna's achievement and took to Twitter to express their pride.