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Playboy Creates History For Featuring Hijabi Women

Noor Tagouri’s feature in Playboy's 'Renegades' issue sparks controversy on the Internet.

Playboy Creates History For Featuring Hijabi Women
Image: Playboy Magazine
Playboy is making waves again but this time around, it’s not because of its usual objectification of scantily-clad women. In fact, they’ve taken a giant leap by featuring quite the polar opposite – a fully clothed, hijabi woman. Well it’s not just any woman, she’s a 22-year-old American journalist and her name is Noor Tagouri. She has been chosen to be part of Playboy’s October Issue called 'Renegades' which features a series of profiles on iconic figures who challenge stereotypes, taboos and common culture.
Tagouri posed away in full confidence in front of what seems to be a painting of an American flag, clad in black jeans, leather jacket, Converse shoes, and an olive green hijab to compliment her edgy look. The University of Maryland graduate currently produces for Newsy, an American news site that produces short form video news.

Image: Playboy
She told Playboy magazine that her goal is to become “the first hijabi anchor on commercial US television.” Although she has experienced a fair share amount of discrimination for her headscarf as well as public backlash from Muslims and non-Muslims, that did not deter her spirit to become a storyteller. She says that being a hijabi Muslim woman had in fact helped her gain trust from her interview subjects. When Tagouri isn’t busy scouting for stories, she jetsets around the world to give inspiring talks. Her most recent talk was at TED X FoggyBottom.

Her feature has sparked an interesting debate among netizens. Some commended Tagouri’s brilliant interview with Playboy while others seemed not too keen with her association with the former soft-porn magazine.
What do you think of the feature? You can read the full interview here.