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Safee Sali’s Death News Was A Hoax

The JDT player is very much alive and kicking.

Safee Sali’s Death News Was A Hoax
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Yesterday, a handful of Malaysians received a circulated image of a news screenshot about the passing of JDT player, Safee Sali via WhatsApp and on social media platforms. The news came from Harian Metro News’ Facebook page and cited a heart attack as the reason he had passed away.

JDT issued an immediate statement through their official Twitter account, Johor Southern Tigers (@OfficialJohor) and denied rumours of Safee Sali’s passing.
An hour after the statement was tweeted out, Johor Southern Tigers tweeted a video of Safee Sali confirming that the football player is well and alive.

“I am currently healthy, Alhamdulillah. No one died,” said Safee Sali.
Harian Metro in a statement yesterday denied publishing the hoax article on their Facebook page. The article was actually posted on a fake Harian Metro Facebook account named ‘Harian Metro News’.
Harian Metro Group Editor, Datuk Mustapa Omar says that what was done by the fake Facebook page was very irresponsible and confusing.

"The official FB page of Harian Metro is Harian Metro and not Harian Metro News while our official website is and not,” said Datuk Mustapa.

Harian Metro has lodged a police report pertaining to this incident. Safee Sali also plans to take action in the nearest time. The footballer seemed very disappointed of the hoax and hopes that this incident will never happen again.