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Japan's Multi-billion Pornographic Industry Apologises for Abuse

Cases of mistreatment against actresses has been on the rise.

Japan's Multi-billion Pornographic Industry Apologises for Abuse
The Japanese pornographic industry is a lucrative market, reportedly raking up to USD$20 billion (RM81 billion) in annual revenue. It is widely accessible in the country, and some actresses have become famous enough to appear on mainstream TV shows and commentators in magazines.

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In March of this year, Japan Times published an article revealing that more than 130 cases that has happened for the past four years are of porn actresses who have been mistreated in videos. Some forms of mistreatment include repeated intercourse without protection and being gang raped during filming.

Astro Awani reported yesterday that the multi-billion dollar industry has issued a formal apology and promised change in response to the allegations that women have been forced to perform sexual acts on film. The move comes after the arrest of three talents scouts accused of coercing a woman to act in more than 100 pornographic films over several years. The talent agency had warned the woman that she had to pay penalties for breach of contract if she refused. 

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The Intellectual Property Promotion Association (IPPA), which represents Japan's adult film industry, made a statement on Wednesday that it will "encourage producers to take action to quickly improve the situation and restore the soundness of the entire industry."