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Malaysian Airport Taxes to Increase Soon

Get your tickets to fly now! Scramble! The clock is ticking!

Malaysian Airport Taxes to Increase Soon
Image: Wikimedia
Passenger Services Charges or the artist formerly known as Airport Tax is set to increase by January 1, says a report by Borneo Post. In the same report, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the new rate announced by the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) was reasonable compared to other airport charges in the region. 

Though most sources do not quote the increase, The Sun Daily has a report from insiders who have revealed to them the new charges: 

- RM11 for domestic flights, up from RM9 currently;
- RM35 for flights to Asean countries; and
- RM73 for international flights, up from RM65 out of KLIA, and RM32 from klia2 currently.

That's a big bump for people flying out of KLIA2. What would zero fares even mean if the taxes are so high?! How would we go to Thailand or Bali for holiday now?! We're at DEFCON 1 people, drop everything you're doing and start buying your holiday tickets. Leave everything behind, there's no luggage space anyways. Get on a plane now!