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Rosmah Not Receiving UNESCO Award. Also, it's Not From UNESCO

A comedy of errors.

Rosmah Not Receiving UNESCO Award. Also, it's Not From UNESCO
The award was actually given by the Antiquities Coalition, who has since removed Datin Rosmah from the list of honourees. It was errornously reported by Bernama that the award was given by Unesco and was funnelled through the 'media' and subsequently blasted onto everyone's Facebook's home page.  

After the initial hoopla, has come up with an update of the story, correcting the initial statement and now funneled – once again – through to Antiquities Coalition spokesperson Andy Beck said, "Contrary to erroneous reports, the event is not a Unesco event, nor is Unesco giving the award." He also shared a statement from Professor Tudor Parfitt, a British scholar, and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, and chair of the international academic advisory panel for the event. This is an excerpt from the report by

"The committee recommended that Permata programmes receive recognition as they were seen to represent a model for potential imitation in other countries with diverse populations."

"The programme, which was founded in 2007 under the auspices of Rosmah Mansor, has already received recognition for its efforts to help deprived young people find employment and develop their potential," said Parfitt."

In the report, Parfitt said the removal of Permata was due to questions regarding the sources of funding for Permata. He said that the organisation had no immediate means of verifying funding for Permata, and was not aware of any wrongdoing. 

The awards presentation is to be held at the 'A Tribute to Heroes in the Global Campaign Against Violent Extremism' event on 22 September at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, New York. We have no word of a cancellation of flight to New York nor if she had any plans for lodging in the Big Apple. Maybe find an Airbnb in the city? If the eggs are already broken, might as well make an omelette.