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Chinese Tourists Make Headlines Again

A video of tourists in Bangkok scooping up shrimps with two plates shows there's a long way to go with etiquette.

Chinese Tourists Make Headlines Again
Tourists looking at something only tourists may find fascinating. (Image:

These tourists in Bangkok made it in the news for jostling each other and taking up shrimps with two plates at a hotel buffet, which you can see in the video below. 


Thinking about one-upping them? These are our 'tips':

Destroy nature to get that perfect selfie
How far would you go to take a selfie that will make you gain an extra 100 Likes on Facebook? There are many scenic spots to take when you're on vacation. For instance, the perfect time for viewing cherry blossoms in East Asian countries. Naturally, you'd want a picture of yourself with the background of cherry blossom petals to the ground. Some tourists decided to take it to another level by shaking and kicking the trees to make the flowers fall, causing damage to the plant.  

Get terribly drunk and be an inconvenience to everyone around you
Some people bring partying 24/7 into their vacations. Nothing wrong with that, of course—until you start ruining everyone else's fun. We wonder how it must've felt for the passengers of this flight when an inebriated man started behaving aggressively, causing the plane to divert from its original path (Hint: We doubt they were amused).

Then again, we suppose you wouldn't incur much wrath if you happened to be drunk enough to give people money at the airport, such as this tourist, who did just that with GBP83,000 (RM472,681.93).

Disrespect sacred places by stripping and vandalising them
Who doesn't love sacred places, especially when they're branded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site? These places would make your social media profile scream "Cultured! Adventurous!" Some people decided to take a step further by posing naked there and even stinking up the sites with their urine. Just last year, 10 tourists were caught stripping and urinating on Mount Kinabalu, drawing the wrath of Sabahan locals. Angkor Wat, considered one of the holiest sites in the world, also gets its fair share of nudists too.

If that's not enough, take this 15-year-old boy, who left a permanent mark on a 3,500-year-old relic.

Refuse to follow basic rules of etiquette
Walking around barefoot thinking that it's ‘exotic’, cutting queues, refusing to take off your shoes when you're required to are just some small tourist habits that can irritate the residents of a city you're visiting. Some places take this seriously. The city of Barcelona, for instance, imposes a fine if you walk around in your swimwear.

Shove your sticks everywhere
Selfie sticks—a genius invention for tourists to make sure everyone gets to be in the picture. Imagine yourself on a cruise in Manhattan to see the Statue of Liberty; you'd obviously need a selfie stick for that (and for everything else). But if you're planning to take the good ol' stick on rollercoasters and theme parks, you may run into trouble because they've been banned at some places. Not only have selfie sticks annoyed people, they've also made some bears disgruntled.

Complain loudly about your tour
If you've run out of ideas and are too worried about fines and the dirty looks you get from our suggestions above, the easiest thing you can do to be an Annoying Tourist is to complain loudly about your tour. Some phrases you can use to amp up the rage around you: "It's so hot!" "What is that awful spicy smell?" "In my country, things are done differently".

Disclaimer: Just kidding. Don't be annoying, nobody would want to hang out with you.