There Are 600,000 Vacancies Left Unfilled Because Local Graduates 'Too Choosy'

There are plenty of jobs!

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There Are 600,000 Vacancies Left Unfilled Because Local Graduates 'Too Choosy'
We hear a lot about how fresh graduates are finding it hard to land a job right after graduation.

One might think that it is due to the job market these days, but actually, it is not. 

It is because fresh graduates are too picky.

Higher Education deputy director-general Mohd Cairul Iqbal Mohd Amin told Malay Mail that there are currently over 600,000 job vacancies in the country that have not been not filled yet!

That’s a massive number of opportunities!

He revealed that among the reasons for such a high number of unfilled vacancies were because 1) graduates are being too choosy in applying for jobs, 2) universities are offering courses that are not needed by the industry and 3) poor response in filling up the vacancies.

The number of unfilled vacancies stand out more because there are currently less than 100,000 graduates looking for a job, Mohd Cairul told the news portal.

He also advised graduates to learn, to listen and accept new learning or skills to meet the needs of the industry.

“Among the complaints received from the industry is that graduates have the skills and certificates with a high CGPA of 4.0 ... they can talk, but they don’t want to listen.

“They are also not ready to learn, while graduates should not only have certificates and can talk, but are also prepared to learn all the time. They also need to listen and understand,” he said.

If you're one of those who are currently looking for a job, this is probably something you should take note of.

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