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"Excuse Me Is That Mine?" Asks Team Great Britain Post-Rio 2016

Showing unity in a team is crucial, especially at the Olympics but Team Great Britain didn’t really think through the whole luggage thing.

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Waiting for baggage at the airport is never an enjoyable experience, and trust us, we have had our fair share of missing luggage or ill-treated possessions. Baggage claim does happen to be one of the worst parts of flying and the Great Britain Olympic team found a way to make it even worse.

Every single British Olympian went to Rio with a red suitcase, provided by Team GB. When they landed in London this week, that actually became a problem. All 320 athletes had identical bags, which led to jetlagged head-scratching and social media ranting over whose suitcase belonged to who. 
Sure, a bright red bag is fantastic when most individuals have black, grey or brown bags. But scores and scores of crimson duffels flooded the baggage claim and awaited the Olympians back home.

“Finding my bag could prove more challenging than the racing” tweeted Olympic rower Matt Langridge. 
Even the official Team Great Britain Twitter account got in on the joke. 
Despite the major mishap, most appeared in good spirits about the entire ordeal. Great Britain’s athletes scored a 67 medals in all during the Rio Games – a massive record for the country.