Oh, Brother: Mahathir And Najib Are Twins!

But not what you think.

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Oh, Brother: Mahathir And Najib Are Twins!

The twins with the famous names.

How's that for a headline: Mahathir and Najib are twins.

But before you guys pick up your pitchforks and scream for our heads, we are obviously not talking about the current Malaysian Prime Minister and his predecesor.

We are talking about a pair of Malaysian twins who share their first names with the political figures.

According to a report by The New Straits Times, their 56-year-old father, Norkaferi Ahmad, named them after their more famous namesakes because he was inspired by the prime minister and defence minister respectively at that time.

Mahathir, 24, told the news portal that their father was serving in the army based in Sungai Besi Camp back in 1995 when they were born.

“He didn't know my mother was carrying twins. Imagine his shock when we were born. He had not even prepared the most suitable names for us.

“But he finally settled for Mahathir and Najib, in honour of the two political figures at that time,” he said.

Meet Mahathir and Najib.
Mahathir said their interesting names were often the butt of all jokes among their friends, especially when the relationship between the two leaders turn sour, but they take it lightly.

How cool would it be to have friends with such unique names?

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