Female Elephant Killed After Being Hit By Trailer In Terengganu

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Female Elephant Killed After Being Hit By Trailer In Terengganu

Poor elephant )':

Terengganu has been in the spotlight as of late due to the series of wild and rare animals spotted in the region.

Orcas, tigers, sun bears, and short-finned pilot whales have made their way to the coastal state.

And the latest animal to make it to the list is an elephant. However, unlike the delightful sightings of orca whales and sun bears, this piece of news will surely break your heart into a million pieces.

According to a report by Bernama, a wild elephant was killed after being hit by a trailer carrying iron ore at KM44 Jalan Kuala Berang-Aring on Sunday.

The victim and the person responsible for its untimely death.
The incident that reportedly happened at 10.23pm claimed the life of the medium-sized female elephant when its head got stuck underneath the trailer.

The trailer driver, Emyhaizi Ahmad, 32, who escaped unhurt, said that the incident happened in a blink of an eye when a herd of elephants suddenly appeared and attempted to cross the road.

Emyhaizi didn’t manage to stop his vehicle in time.

“After going down the hill, I saw a herd of elephants of five or six. By then, I couldn’t do anything but to hit them,” Emyhaizi said.

“I’m still in shock because it wasn’t a cow or goat that was hit, it was an elephant.”

It breaks our hearts reading how it died.
Hulu Terengganu district police chief DSP Mohd Adli Mat Daud said due to the distance between the trailer and the elephant, the driver wasn’t able to avoid the elephant and eventually hit it.

“The weather at the time of the incident was good, but the distance was too close for the driver to avoid the group of wild elephants. The crash caused an elephant to come under the rear tyre of the trailer head, and the animal died at the scene due to severe head injury," Mohd Adli said.

We hope the government will work something out to notify drivers who are driving through areas that are active with animal crossings to prevent this distressing incident from happening again.

Rest in peace, dear elephant.

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