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Lee Chong Wei Defeats His Nemesis Lin Dan

Third time's the charm for Datuk Lee who fought tooth and nail against the 'great wall' of China.

Lee Chong Wei Defeats His Nemesis Lin Dan
Lee Chong Wei faced down the 'great wall' of Lin Dan once again and rose victorious at the men's singles badminton semi-final at Rio today. In a game filled with poetry in motion, the two giants faced off in a battle for supremacy that saw Chong Wei clinch the victory in a 15-21, 21-11, 22-20 match. 

Datuk Lee has lost in both his encounters with Lin Dan at the Beijing and London Olympics in 2008 and 2012 respectively and now that he's won, we're not sure how we'll be able to sleep in anticipation of the finals on Saturday, 20th August at 8.20pm. 

Congratulations Datuk Lee! #INIKALILAH