Happy News, Baby Ainul Mardhiah Is Set To Return To Malaysia Soon

Tell the world she’s coming home!

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Happy News, Baby Ainul Mardhiah Is Set To Return To Malaysia Soon
Ahmad Safiuddin Facebook

May Allah ease your journey home, baby Ainul.

In June, one of the greatest miracles took place, thanks to the kindness of Malaysians and UK-based specialist surgeon in training, Dr. Amalina Che Bakri.

Baby Ainul Mardhiah, who suffered from a rare form of cancer called the Germ Cell Tumour, successfully underwent surgery to remove the tumour weighing 200g in London.

Following the operation, Ainul underwent cleft palate surgery and was transferred to the normal ward, under observation from doctors.

The nine-month-old baby’s condition has improved and Malaysians will soon welcome Ainul and her family home.

Baby Ainul a few weeks after her operation.
According to Ainul’s father, Ahmad Safiuddin, they are in the midst of making preparations to return to Malaysia.

"Alhamdulillah (Praise God), Ainul's condition is getting better. However, she still needs to be watched closely so that she can fully recover and become stronger,” he wrote in a post on his Facebook account.

“In our last experience, Ainul caught an infection after undergoing a long 13-hour flight, so hopefully Allah will protect Ainul and all of us during this return journey.”

Doctors have also advised the family not to expose her as she is in a fragile state and to also reduce the risk of infection.

“Insya-Allah (God willing), when there is a chance when Ainul is truly ready, she can meet everyone,” Safiuddin added.

“We are grateful and happy when we do return home. Malaysia is Ainul’s home. Thank you everyone for praying for Ainul and for us.”

We pray that Ainul Mardhiah and her family’s journey back to Malaysia will run smoothly and may the little baby fully recover soon.

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