Man Strips Naked To Go On A Ride On His Motorbike Because It’s Too Hot

When the heat is too much to handle.

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Man Strips Naked To Go On A Ride On His Motorbike Because It’s Too Hot
We Malaysians are no strangers to hot weather. What would you do when the temperature is rising outside?

You would probably blast on the air conditioner and have a chilled drink, right?

Chill, bro.
Well, not for this man in Brandenburg, Germany. He stripped down naked and went out on a ride in his motorbike, forcing the police to stop him midway!

According to a report in AFP, when asked why he was riding naked, he said that the weather was too hot.

Brandenburg authorities shared two photos of the man on Twitter which showed the man dressed in only sandals and helmet.

"Because we're speechless," read the caption, with the hashtags #heat, #safetyfirst and #livingontheedge.

Meanwhile, the tweet made netizens question the police’s action as the man clearly didn’t break any road rules.

You're saying he did NOT break any rules stripping naked?
Temperatures are expected to exceed 40 Celsius as heatwave sweeps over many parts of Europe.

The German meteorology agency also announced that the 1947 heat record for June had been broken in Coschen, near the border with Poland, where 38.6 C was recorded.

No matter how hot it gets here, don't do what this German man did!

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