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Nur Dhabitah and Pandalela Rinong Through to Semi-finals

All eyes on the diving board tonight at 9pm (and 3am, fingers crossed)

Nur Dhabitah and Pandalela Rinong Through to Semi-finals
Image: Astro AWANI

Following on a report by Astro Awani, both Nur Dhabitah and Pandalela Rinong have qualified for the semi-finals finishing at the eight and sixth spots respectively.

Image: The Star/AZHAR ARIF
The duo were among 28 divers jumping the plank for the top 18 spots for the next stage after completing the five-dive format.The semifinals will be held at 10am/9pm (M'sian time) followed by the final round of 12 divers at 4pm (3am M'sian time).

China's Si Yajie, topped the leaderboard with 397.45 points, while compatriot Ren Qian was 11.65 points behind to finish second. 

Pandelela had dives of 72, 65.25, 73.60, 52.80 and 68.80 points while Nur Dhabitah scored 72, 41.60, 75.90, 64.35 and 72 points.The top rank Chinese scored 76.50, 76.80, 78.40, 84.15 and 81.60 points in the final attempt.