Man Weaves A School Bag For His Son Because He Couldn't Afford To Buy Him One

Father of the year right here.

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Man Weaves A School Bag For His Son Because He Couldn't Afford To Buy Him One
Facebook/Sophous Suon

We're not crying; you are crying!

A father’s love cannot be measured by dollars. 

This saying proves especially true for one Cambodian father.

The man, who couldn’t afford to buy a school bag for his son, decided to use his creativity weaving him one using rafia strings.

The father's dedication towards his son, as well as his A+ creativity, was highlighted on social media recently.

A post with photos of the boy and the bag shared by Facebook user Sophous Suon grabbed plenty of attention online, with over 6,000 shares and counting.

The unconventional school bag, which appears to have been meticulously woven using blue rafia strings, has two black straps and a buckle to secure the front flap:

It comes with shoulder straps.
A buckle to keep the content safe.Not only does the school bag look artistically cool, it's really sturdy too, as one picture shows that it has no problems fitting and holding a couple of text books inside:

Creative but tough.
Judging by the handiwork, the father must have spent a lot of time planning and weaving the bag, as demonstrated by how intricate the straps and the buckles were woven into the bag.

The end product was amazing.
We don't know about you guys, but we would definitely rock this school bag. Now that the father's masterpiece has gone viral, we hope he would consider making more and selling them.

Good job, daddy!

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