Canada Says "No" To Taking Back Trash From Malaysia

Nice guy, Canada, deny any knowledge of wastes being shipped out of the country

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Canada Says

For once, Canadians are not being very nice. 

The Canadian government has denied any knowledge of waste from the country having been shipped to Malaysia, and said it will not be accepting any 'return' of such waste. 

Channel News Asia reported that Canadian Environment and Climate Change spokesman Gabrielle Lamontagne said that the country had no plans to pick up trash from Malaysia. 

He added that the Canadian government have reached out to Malaysia regarding the matter.

Canada's stance is sure to complicate things, as Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Yoe Bee Yin recently announced that 60 containers of plastic waste that has been illegally imported from several countiries, including Canada, will be shipped back.

Malay Mail
"These containers were illegally brought into the country under false declaration and other offences which clearly violate our environmental law," she was reported as saying. 

Illegally imported plastic waste has become an environmental concern and the minister has promised to take stern action against those involved. 

Let's just hope that both governments will be able to work things out. 

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