Female-Only Express Bus Coaches Will Soon Be Introduced For KL-Seremban Route

A safer commute for women!

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Female-Only Express Bus Coaches Will Soon Be Introduced For KL-Seremban Route

Do you use this route daily?

You’ve probably heard of all-female train coaches in Malaysia, but what about other means of public transportation?

Do you think it’s high time that the government introduced female-only taxis and busses or who knows, airlines?

Well, we can’t get everything we want in just a day, but we may just get one of them soon.

The Star reported that the Ministry of Transport has made it mandatory for express bus companies that offer services for the KL-Seremban route to provide 16 daily trips exclusively for female passengers during the morning and evening peak hours.

Women can now take the bus with confidence.
Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook said the new ruling was made following feedback from female passengers.

“At present, there are three companies providing the (KL-Seremban) service, and we have told them to provide four trips every hour between 5am and 7am for women only,” he told the English daily.

The same number of trips will also be available during evening peak hours.

“This is to allow female passengers who travel to work every morning to do so in comfort.”

About 2,000 passengers use the express bus from Kuala Lumpur to Seremban every morning, according to the report. 

Sexual harassment cases happen on a daily basis, reported or unreported otherwise. This move will help female commuters travel confidently in a safer, more comfortable space. Hopefully all bus routes in Malaysia will follow suit soon.

So, kudos to the government for implementing it!

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