Family Mart, Sushi King, And Many More Coming To R&R Stops Across Malaysia

Yeay to eating oden while going on a road trip!

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Family Mart, Sushi King, And Many More Coming To R&R Stops Across Malaysia
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Now you can eat your favourite food during your journey.

Every time you go on a road trip or ‘balik kampung’, usually people will make a pit stop at one of the many rest and recreation (R&R) stops across the country.

Some R&Rs are cool because you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to food and they have nice toilets while others are kind of dodgy; which is why some people opt to hold it in or starve until they reach their destination.

But soon, you may have a good reason to look forward to dropping by the R&R.

Soon you'll feel 'semangat' to go to the R&R.
PLUS Malaysia Berhad has announced that five new food and beverage tenants will be available at R&Rs soon.

Travellers can look forward to dining at Family Mart, Sushi King, Daily Fresh, Bon 900 Café, and My Laksa.

“The choices are made by our customers and we also have more brand coming soon,” PLUS chief commercial officer Christine Liew told the Malay Mail.

Who would've thought sushi would be available at R&Rs?
So, when can you look forward to eating at your favourite eatery?

PLUS will introduce the new retail outlets in stages at selected R&Rs starting this month.
You can locate them soon at these R&Rs:
  1. Bon 900 Café at the Dengkil southbound
  2. Daily Fresh at the Machap northbound, Gunung Semanggol northbound and southbound
  3. Family Mart Sg Buloh at the Overhead Bridge Restaurant
  4. My Laksa Gurun northbound
  5. Sushi King Rawang northbound (in operation)
Now you have more reasons to make more R&R pit stops!

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