AirAsia vs Tourism Malaysia: Ready, Set, Fight!

Here's what went down between AirAsia and Tourism Malaysia's Chairman. Can't we all just get along?

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AirAsia vs Tourism Malaysia: Ready, Set, Fight!
This is definitely not a tussle you wanna be in. (Images: and www.themalaymailonline)

It has been a case of almost childish "I didn't do it!" and "Why do you hate us so much?" between Tourism Malaysia Chairman, Wee Choo Keong, and AirAsia. 

Malay Mail Online reported that Wee scolded his staff on May 20 during the 4th China International Expo 2016 after noticing an AirAsia bunting placed next to other promotional materials at Tourism Malaysia's booth.


When it was moved backstage, he allegedly broke it, then told his staff to remove all items associated with AirAsia. "We confirm the incident that took place at the 4th China International Tourism Expo 2016 in Beijing and we are very disappointed with what happened," a spokesperson from the airline told Malay Mail Online.

However, Wee responded that he merely requested his staff to clear the buntings belonging to AirAsia and Genting from the entrance so that they wouldn't obstruct an area where the launching ceremony of the TM booth would take place. He denied breaking any buntings. 

AirAsia's Chief Executive, Tony Fernandes, responded by putting up a Facebook post claiming that Wee had tormented AirAsia for years.

The airline company had filed a defamation suit against the former MP last year over a blog post that accused the company for owing Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad airport tax.

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