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Wanna Be A K-pop Star? Go to K-pop School!

An international K-pop school is helping ordinary people transform into K-pop celebs.

Wanna Be A K-pop Star? Go to K-pop School!
You could be the next Girls' Generation. (Image: SMTOWN)

It is widely known that K-pop 'idols' go through rigorous training by their entertainment agencies before they can make their debut in the K-pop world and be fawned over by fans around the world. Called 'trainees', these young budding artistes would practise zealously for that one great step in fame. 

It's all fine and dandy if they get to debut, but nothing's waiting for them if they fail or drop out. In fact, some train for seven years before they can make their presence on stage. 

However, top South Korean entertainment agency, SM Entertainment, which houses famous bands such as SHINee, EXO, Girls' Generation and Super Junior, is going to handle young talents a little differently by setting up an academy tentatively called 'K-pop International School'. 

SM Entertainment HQ in Gangnam, Seoul (Image:

Collaborating with Jongro Academy (a private academic institute), they will start enrolling new students beginning next year. They are aiming to groom celebrities 'who study', hence why the school will teach normal school subjects (Maths, English) alongside performing arts classes such as Applied Music, Dance and Stage Design. 

Normal subjects will be taught by instructors from Jongro Academy, while performing ones by SM Entertainment. 

Any chance DBSK's Yunho will be one of the dance trainers?

Personally, we feel that this is straight up something that would have come from a TV show. We have no doubt that some fans are already fantasising meeting their favourite idols, being taught by them and possibly fall in love. Maybe there will be a group of four good-looking guys, who will woo them... 

Image: Tumblr

If you want to make it big in the K-pop world, more information on enrolment and auditions will come in November. 

Source: hamsoonie via Naver