Guys, The Authorities Say You Can Park At Rented Parking Bays After 6.30pm

Take that, selfish shop owners!

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Guys, The Authorities Say You Can Park At Rented Parking Bays After 6.30pm
Image: Malay Mail Online

Give us back our parking spot!

Don't you just hate it when you think you've found a parking spot - especially at high traffic places like Bangsar and PJ Uptown - just to find out that it's blocked by a friggin' pole or a 'No Parking' signboard?

Don't you worry, boys and girls; you're allowed to move the pole or the signboard away and park at the spot.

Big Brother say one.

We're talking to you, sign boards.
Petaling Jaya City Council Treasury assistant accountant Zay Iskandar told The Star Online that parking bays rented to business operators in the district must be made available to the public after 6.30pm.

According to Zay, shopowners are only allowed to 'book' the spots from 8am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.

After that, they are required by law to vacate the space for public use.

However, Zay acknowledged that there are shopowners out there who are still unwilling to vacant the spot after business hours.

The authorities are working their hardest to bring these selfish shopowners to book, Zay said.

At the moment, there's no dedicated hotline for us to report business owners who block parking spots after working hours, but you can try and take a picture and e-mail it to MBPJ's at and hopefully, they will look into it and take action.

Come on, business owners, help us out a little bit here. We promise we'll give you your rented space back.

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