The Government Is Currently Developing A Tsunami SMS Alert System

If you get the text, you better run.

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The Government Is Currently Developing A Tsunami SMS Alert System
Image: The Malaysian Insight

Get text, run away fast fast.

In most developed nations, the government would have some sort of emergency broadcast system in place to warn their citizens about impending disasters.

We see it all the time in disaster movies: the civilians would get an alert on their phones and boom, they'll be in their cars evacuating the city.

Unless, of course, you're Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, who instead of running away, would drive towards the disaster. No idea what's wrong with that guy.

Danger? What danger?
Anyway, back to the point: Malaysia will reportedly have its own disaster warning system soon.

Energy, Green Technology, Science, Climate Change and Environment Minister Yeo Bee Yin told The Star Online that the government is currently working on developing a tsunami SMS alert system.

This move, according to Yeo, is in view of geologists’ warning that some areas in the country, such as Tawau in Sabah, could be hit with a tsunami in the future.

Despite having 56 tsunami warning sirens at hotspots around the country, the government has decided to be safe than sorry and prep themselves better to face such disaster.

Let's hope this won't happen.
Yeo told the news portal that once a tsunami warning is issued, civilians in that particular area will receive a text message on their phones.

She hopes that this warning system would give the people enough time to flee to safety when disaster strikes. *touch wood*

Yeo did not reveal when the warning system will be ready, but she did mention that the system could be expanded to cover other disasters in the future. 

We hope there would be an SMS alert for an alien invasion too. You'll never know when it will happen.

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