No Discount, Exemptions For AES Summons Issued From 1 September Onwards

No more Mr Nice Guy.

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No Discount, Exemptions For AES Summons Issued From 1 September Onwards

Back to reality, folks.

After surprising many by throwing out old Automated Enforcement System (AES) summonses as a gesture of goodwill last month, the government will no longer give traffic offenders a free ride.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke said in a statement cited by The Star Online that the government will not provide discounts or exemptions for AES summonses issued after 1 September.

According to Loke, those who are caught by the AES camera will be given 60 days to settle the RM300 fine. If they fail to do so, they will be penalised badly.

Like, really, really bad.

Be afraid, be very afraid.
In addition to being blacklisted from engaging in any transaction involving the Road Transport Department (JPJ), those who do not clear up their AES summonses will be directly hauled to court and charged.

Not only that, traffic offenders will also be imposed demerit points, which could result in a suspension of their driving licenses.

Boy, the government is definitely not messing around this time.

Probably need to start doing this.
The announcement came after the Transport Ministry reportedly recorded a threefold increase in the number of traffic offences after the cancellation of Automated Enforcement System (AES) summonses.

During that grace period, the system recorded a total of 15,000 cases, up from the average of 5,000 cases prior to the cancellation, the Ministry revealed.

You see, that's why you don't deserve nice things, Malaysians.

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