5 New Features We Love From The Brand New Subaru Forester

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5 New Features We Love From The Brand New Subaru Forester

Are we there yet?

It is not often that we get an invitation to test drive brand new cars, because, well, we are not a motoring site.

But that all changed when Subaru Malaysia was kind enough to fly us all the way to Taichung, Taiwan to witness the launch of one of their best-selling models: the 2019 Subaru Forester.

At the launch, we were given a first look at the vehicle, which debuted at the 2018 New York International Auto Show in March.

The Forester comes in four variants: the 2.0 i-S, 2.0 i-S EyeSight, the 2.0 i-L and the 2.0 i-L EyeSight.

Each of the variant is powered by a 2.0-liter direct injection boxer engine and boasts the brand's iconic Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive feature, which delivers power to each wheel to provide maximum stability and control.

The new Forester now comes with a new seven-speed manual mode with continuously variable transmission (CVT), improving acceleration and fuel efficiency.

The entire chasis for the new Forester has been re-designed and it now has its own spanking new name: the Subaru Global Platform.

The Subaru Global Platform offers a safer, smoother driving experience by eliminating shake and body roll.

We were also told that the platform significantly reduces outside road noise, so you can now membawang about your boss more comfortably at high speeds.

Not just that, the Forester comes with a whole lot of awesome new features as well.  Here are five awesome ones that caught our eyes the most:

#1 EyeSight technology

The brand new Forester is packed with a whole load of security features. According to Subaru, their EyeSight Driver Assist Technology aims to give you an additional pair of eyes on the road and looking at its features, we can see why it's state-of-the-art. The Pre-Collision Braking & Throttle Management feature, for example, will warn you with a buzzer and a flashing indicator and automatically slows down your vehicle when they detect you're too close to the vehicle in front.

On top of that, it also boasts a lane sway and departure warning system as well as adaptive cruist control and lead vehicle start alert, which automatically adjusts your speed to keep a set distance from the lead vehicle. It's like the new Forester has a mind of its own. 

#2 The X-Mode

If you think this sounds very superhero-ish, well, it is. The X-Mode is a cool red dial you turn when you want to turn your Forester into a beast. The X-Mode function enhances the performance of your vehicle when you're on rough, challenging terrain. When activated, the feature optimises the car's engine, all-wheel drive and brakes to tackle the whatever terrain you're on.

So, any time you're going through an area with mud, dirt or snow (well, not in Malaysia), all you need to do is to turn the dial and voila, your Forester will take you to wherever you need to go.

#3 Driver Monitoring System

This is some next level stuff from Subaru! According to the carmaker, the new Forester will be the first Subaru to feature the Driver Monitoring System. The state-of-the-art tech uses a facial recognition software to detect and identify signs of driver fatigue.

Also, the system would be able to identify up to five drivers and can remember their pre-set preferences for seat position, climate, and even infotainment. 

#4 Power rear lock button


If you're someone who doesn't have a lot of time to waste, this new feature will definitely be your favourite. The new Forester features a Power Rear Lock button located on the rear liftgate which allows you to open, close and lock the entire vehicle - just by pressing that one button. Gone are the days where you need to wait for your liftgate to close before you struggle mightily to find your keys to lock your car.

#5 USB charging ports

OK, we know this is not the coolest feature, but we're certainly the most excited about this one. You no longer need to fight for that one USB charging port because the new Forester has two located near the rear seats, so you could charge your smartphones just by plugging in your USB cable.

Also, the new model comes with added rear leg room as well as an increased cargo room for you to put all your stuff. Bonus: they also have additional air-conditioning vents for rear seat passengers, so that's a major win for us who always complain that we don't get aircond at the back!

For now, we have no idea how much new Subaru Forester is going to cost, but we do know that it is slated to go on sale in Malaysia by Q2 2019. 

Well, that gives you plus-minus a year to save up.

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