Three Young Malaysians Selected To Play For French Club PSG

Malaysia represent!

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Three Young Malaysians Selected To Play For French Club PSG
Image: NST & Nike

Making Malaysia proud one goal at a time.

The World Cup is currently underway, and we Malaysians frankly have nothing much to cheer about because our national football team is horrible did not qualify for the tournament.

But three young Malaysians just gave us a reason to cheer for them.

Hazriq Haqqim Mohd Izham, Mohammad Haykal Danish Mohd Haizon and Rohisham Haiqal Hashim have been selected to play for French club Paris Saint Germain (PSG) in a junior football tournament to be held in Rome, Italy.

The three budding footballers, who are part of the Mokhtar Dahari National Football Academy (AMD), are expected to meet up with the club's U-13 squad before the Memorial Giuseppe Augello V International Championship starts on 21 June.

Malaysia's hopes and dreams.
According to The New Straits Times, the trio will get to go up against the youth teams from some of the world's biggest clubs such as Juventus, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid. 

Once that's done, the young Malaysians will likely continue to play for the club's youth team until they turn 18, where they would then be eligible to sign a contract with the club.

Who knows, these three players could be playing for Malaysia when we host the World Cup in 2034.

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