To AES Or Not To AES: Govt To Announce Fate Of Cameras Soon

Please abolish it, please abolish it.

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To AES Or Not To AES: Govt To Announce Fate Of Cameras Soon

The bane of our existence could soon be out of our lives.

Ever since Pakatan Harapan took over the government, they have implemented several new changes - the abolishment of GST, lifting the travel ban on PTPTN borrowers and cheaper toll rates.

Now, they have turned their attention to one thing that we Malaysians hate to the core: AES cameras.

According to The New Straits Times, the government is still mulling the decision to abolish the speed trap cameras.

However, Transport Minister Anthony Loke told the news portal that the decision wouldn't come anytime soon as abolishing the cameras is easier said than done.

"There is no decision on the AES yet because it has other implications. We have to study it before we make any announcement," he was quoted as saying.

Say cheese!
So, when can we Malaysians expect an announcement?

"The decision on the AES is very soon. We are looking at between one and two months," Loke told NST.

Loke added that he would take a deep dive with the ministry’s officials before bringing the options to the Cabinet for a decision.

Let's just wait patiently for the decision, boys and girls.

And please don't speed.

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