Sorry Not Sorry: Cigarette Prices Will Not Go Down Post-GST Abolishment

Smokers will have to continue paying the same price prior to the dissolvement.

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Sorry Not Sorry: Cigarette Prices Will Not Go Down Post-GST Abolishment
A lot of people including us are cheering as we enter the month of June as it means one thing – GST is officially zero-rated.

With the SST only coming into picture on 1 September, a lot of Malaysians are seizing this temporary tax break to treat themselves and go on a shopping spree.

From cars, clothing, and even your groceries, everything is pretty much cheaper given the absence of GST.

However, there might be one group of people who are still unhappy with the GST dissolvement – smokers.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced that they have decided to retain the price of cigarettes although GST is no longer enforced. So, no tax break for all cigarettes.

We still don't understand what pleasure do people get in smoking.
Health Minister Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad told The Star: "There will not be any decrease in price.”

"That is our commitment to ensure that the prohibitive price is going to be one of the ways to prevent the use of cigarettes,” he added.

The current market price for a 20-stick cigarette pack is between RM12 to RM17.

Pick your murder weapon.
Well, to be honest, we think this is a good move by the ministry as it can curb unhealthy smoking habit.

If the prices went down as well post-GST, we’re confident that a lot of smokers out there will happily stock up their cigarettes before SST comes in.

So, good job MOH!

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