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What is Malaysian Adinda's Next Stop In The Future?

The child star destined to shine in the spotlight after a video clip of her in a Chinese singing contest goes viral.

What is Malaysian Adinda's Next Stop In The Future?
adinda | Rojak Daily

Who is the extraordinary 11-year-old girl from Simpang, Perak winning over hearts? Adinda Tasya Mansor has talent and recently she has been thrust into the limelight for her spectacular performance on a reality TV singing competition in China. The video features Adinda performing a Mandarin song titled Next Stop in the Future by Taiwanese singer Lin Yu-chun. She was performing in the fourth season of kids reality television program called Let’s Sing Kids’ which aired on July 2.

adinda 2 | Rojak Daily

Her parents decided to send her and her older sister to a Chinese primary school as her mother noticed that it was hard to learn Chinese and wanted her children to have that advantage of knowing an extra language. Social media users have been calling her “little Shila Amzah”, who is another superstar Malaysian singer who first made it big in a reality TV singing competition in China back in 2014.

Just midway through her performance on TV for Let’s Sing Kids, Adinda received a standing ovation from audiences while the judges were awestruck. She won the judges over instantly, and Malaysian singer-songwriter Gary Chaw based in Taiwan, Chinese singer-songwriter Su Yunying, and Chinese singer and actor Jacky Xue Zhiqian all wanted Adinda on their team.

Adinda is still a pupil of SJK(C) Sin Min in Malaysia and shared to The Star that she had been singing Chinese songs since her kindergarten days. She even admires one of China’s most famous artistes, Na Ying and often practises her tunes.

This is Adinda performing at only 9-years-old

Adinda at only 8 years of age performing a love song

Nevertheless this isn’t the first time the little songstress has joined a reality television show, as she was also on Astro’s Ceria Popstar, a singing competition for kids. She was one of the 10 finalists on the third season last year and finished fifth in the competition, winning RM5,000 and a trophy.

She also rendered Let It Go from Disney's hit animated feature Frozen in a duet with Malaysian singer Gary Chaw, one of the judges. The video of her performance has since gone viral online.

Malaysians on social media were gushing in their admiration for the gifted youngster and so are we!