[UPDATED] Malaysia General Election Date: 5 May Or 9 May 2018?

The tension rises as Malaysians eagerly await to vote.

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[UPDATED] Malaysia General Election Date: 5 May Or 9 May 2018?
Do you know what season is it in Malaysia? No, it’s not rainy or haze season, but it’s election season!

The time has finally come for Malaysians to vote and choose their future leaders and government.

As the clock is ticking, the election date remains a mystery with many people including political pundits speculating when the polling day will take place.

The New Straits Times have reported that the Election Commission (EC) will have a special meeting on Tuesday to discuss key dates – mainly nomination and polling days, early voting day, electoral roll that will be used in the 14th General Election (GE14), and other preparations.

Are you guys ready to vote?
A press conference will be held right after the meeting and it is expected that Malaysians will finally receive news on the polling date by Tuesday.

A lot of people including political pundits have speculated on the dates that the election will most likely take place, either 5 May or 9 May.

It is said that the nomination day on the other hand will possibly be on 21 April.

The two dates are said to be highly possible as the election would most probably take place before Ramadhan. And in the past, elections have been held both on Saturdays and weekdays so there is no certain answer on which day will the D-day take place.

Looks like we’ve got a few hours or a day until the announcement take place so stay tuned for more updates.

UPDATE: The EC has announced that Malaysians will vote on 9 May while military and police personnel as well as voters living abroad will vote on 5 May.

Nominations will be held on 28 April where 222 parliamentary and 587 state seats will be up for grabs.

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