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Batu Tiga Toll Plaza To Be Demolished In March 2018

The toll plaza has claimed four lives since it ceased operations.

Batu Tiga Toll Plaza To Be Demolished In March 2018
Image: Shafwan Zaidon
Following the deaths of two motorists on Monday at the inactive Batu Tiga toll plaza, Malaysians and politicians have urged the government to fully demolish the toll plaza fearing that the same incident might happen again.

The latest incident is the second fatal accident to take place at the toll plaza sparking concerns that the toll might be dangerous for road users.

Numerous accidents have taken place at the toll plaza since it ceased its operations on 1 January 2018.

Well, the question of when will the toll plaza be gone for good has finally been answered as the Works Minister, Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof, has confirmed that the plaza will be fully demolished by 28 March this year.

Goodbye Batu Tiga toll, you won't be missed.
PLUS Malaysia has informed the ministry that they are currently moving their assets including toll equipment and signage.

“At present, PLUS is moving its assets from the location. Efforts to demolish the structures will begin after the assets have been removed,” Fadillah told Bernama.

“We were also informed that a traffic management programme will be conducted to ensure traffic flow is not disrupted once demolition starts.”